Saturday, May 31, 2008

Spinning at the Winery

Today was Treadles to Threads' annual Spinning at the Winery event at the Retzlaff winery in Livermore. Last week Mr. TVP said we should go, which was nice of him. It is usually his day to work out, plus Livermore is at least an hour away depending on traffic. A little much to ask of a non-spinner. The fact that it was at a winery really helped, especially when I dug around and found out that it was low-key with a farm feel. That's the tasting room above.

Sometime yesterday I looked at the date on the flyer, May 31st, and said "holy moley, that's our anniversary." So, we spent our anniversary at a spinning event. We took turns a bit with the kid, but mostly it was my day.

Pictures? Well, let's just say I went to the tasting room before I had lunch, didn't even get the camera out until an hour before we left. We got there pretty late and forgot our chairs, so we ended up eating pot-luck lunch in the gazebo. Everyone else set up in groups on the lawn with their wheels.

K. was kept entertained by little tractors they had around, and the chickens.

Plus there were quite a few other kids and a nice dad who pulled them all around the vines in this wagon.

I got to wander around and look at the vendors. Yes, I did buy a new spindle, photo when light allows. There was a really neat raffle. You buy a bunch of tickets and put them only in the jar for things you are interested in. And there were a lot of things I really wanted. And I won a neat sampler of about seven natural colored rovings. Not sure how much, a big zip-lock bag full.

All in all a nice day. And the Pomatomus? I got to work on them on the way to the event. But remember that wine tasting on an empty stomach? Yeah, the knitting on the way home was not so good, in fact I think I need to rip out a couple rows.

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