Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Crewel World

I enjoy both a good mystery and needlework, so it's fun to find books with both. I discovered the Crewel World series by Monica Ferris in our Daughters of Norway library. They are set in Minnesota, that's the Scandinavian connection. The heroine, Betsy Devonshire, comes to town to visit her sister. Through a series of events she ends up running a needlework store and solving a murder.

There are at least eleven books in the series featuring Betsy and other reappearing characters. I've read Crewel World, Sins & Needles, Framed in Lace, Hanging by a Thread, A Murderous Yarn, and Unraveled Sleeve. These are short, quick reads, perfect when I need a break from something more serious or am stumped on a knitting project. It's been fun to watch Betsy learn about different types of needlework. I also enjoy the Scandinavian-American references. They must be popular, I see "Thai Die" is scheduled to come out in December.

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