Saturday, May 10, 2008

Knitting Break

I have taken a break from knitting this week. I've been working on the bunad scarf steadily.

I found a source for the Fana trim here in the U.S., and she has the buttons, too. That will save a lot on shipping since the trim was coming from Norway and the buttons from a different place here. Once I get those ordered and here I will get back to it.

I am seriously considering a Bohus sweater next. I've narrowed it to The Wild Apple and the Blue Shimmer.

Edited to add: I should have mentioned that April Mills in Washington state has a large variety of trim. She's a knitwear designer, too. Small world: someone recommended her on Ravelry, and then I opened my Daughters of Norway newsletter to find that she had given a presentation about Nordic knitting to one of our sister lodges.


Kristen said...

Where are you getting the trim? I have a UFO (Peer Gynt vest) with a big mistake that I had considered trying to salvage with trim.

Janice said...

I should have put a link to April Mills, I edited this post to do so.