Monday, May 05, 2008

My Bunad

You may have noticed a lack of mention of my bunad. Here's what it will look like. I've had the kit for two years now and I'm debating what to do about it. I knew it was going to be a several year project, but very little has been done. I have been cross stitching the headscarf. With each passing syttende mai, Daughters of Norway special event, and Norway Day I kick myself for not working harder.

I'm just thinking out loud, but here are all the tasks I need to do:
Cross stitch headscarf
Embroider headscarf tie
Sew headscarf and tie together
Embroider purse
Sew purse to hardware
Cross stitch apron
Sew apron together
Cross stitch vest trim
Sew vest together
Embroider cuffs and neck of blouse
Sew blouse together
Sew skirt which has pleats in back

And some day make cape
I vacillate. Sometimes I think I should drop all my other interests and focus on the bunad so I can enjoy it now. Other times I think as long as I finish it by the time I'm 50 I'll be happy. I think I need to find a middle ground. Eleven years is actually not an unrealistic time line, given the large amount of embroidery. So I need to keep going. But I can't drop everything else, most of it is tied to my Norwegian interests, especially knitting, tapestry weaving, and rosemaling.

If I did one thing a year it would look like this:
2008-9 finish headscarf
2009 make purse
2010-11 make apron
2012 make vest and skirt
2013 embroider blouse

I will turn 45 in 2012. If I prioritize I could get it done. The cape is not critical. Stay tuned. If you see me post pictures of my scarf progress then you will know I am serious.

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