Saturday, May 24, 2008

La Pine Trip

I didn't really say much about my trip earlier this week. We mostly hung out at my aunt & uncle's house. I guess I haven't said anything about my aunt either. She has always been so health-conscious, and never smoked. She is in her early sixties and was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer in February. It has spread to her brain. She's been getting chemo and radiation and was handling it really well, full of energy, going places, doing things. Well, that all changed just a couple days before I got there. She's really tired and ill from her new chemo formula. I was happy to help my uncle a little bit. He's trying to do it all and that's not easy.

We did have fun visiting and enjoying the country. Most of the photos I took are of my kid, of course. Central Oregon is really beautiful, I just love the pines.

Here's the view from the tiny 30-seat plane of our beloved S.F. Bay.

These deer wandered by the house one morning, they are regular visitors. So are grey squirrels, ground squirrels, and chipmunks.

Not to mention the California Quail.

I don't know why these guys would cross the road. My uncle brings out a 5-gallon bucket of birdseed everyday.

This nuthatch and mate were busy filling their house with bits of this and that.

And there was no shortage of interesting items for little boys.

It was a tie between the wheel covers and the windmill.

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