Tuesday, June 03, 2008

First Handspun

This started as 2 oz. of 70% Jacob/30% llama.

I started spinning it supported, about 3/4 of the way through I switched to the spindle suspended. I went back and re-spun the first bit so the twist would be more similar. I wound it onto a nostepinne and plied in on the spindle from there.

Then I wound in onto my little niddy-noddy.

Tied it up.

Next it got a hot bath. Here it is all washed and dried. It is really bulky, and approximately 23 yards.

Yeah it's really humble, and after the washing the alpaca hairs are really standing up. But I kind of like it.

Since then I've spun 2oz of white Jacob. I'm getting ready to ply that. It was a bit easier to work with. The singles isn't that much thinner than this stuff, but there's more twist and it is more consistent.

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