Friday, May 09, 2008

Zoo Sheep Shearing

We did go to the sheep shearing this morning. Things didn't turn out exactly as I expected, and I didn't get to take many photos. I had no idea that over a hundred people would be there, lined up to get in. I had to keep an eye on my kid (ha, ha), so he wouldn't get knocked over by people.

These guys knew something was going on:

The second one sheared:


The Zoo donates the fleeces to Navajo people. One of the keepers brought some wool from last year's shearing that she had taken home and washed. Their expert spinner wasn't able to come, so when I pulled out my drop spindle they were excited. Until I told them I had never done it before and was hoping they would show me, that is. One mom had grown up on a ranch in Montana and tried to remember how to spin. Of course, K. wasn't interested, he wanted to hug kiss goats.

Here is an unsuspecting victim:

Luckily we ran into our friends, and S. walked K. around a bit. Someone who knew what she was doing showed up, and I got a little feel for what I was supposed to do. By then it was already nap time so we had to leave. Didn't get to see the alpacas sheared. But we had fun trying to spin and I definitely want to learn. And K. likes anything to do with "cutting" right now, so it makes a good story for him to act out.

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Kristen said...

So cool that there is spotty skin under spotty fur.