Monday, December 29, 2008

Modern Lady Update

First things first. I love this truck. I want to know if a man or a woman owns it. There's a pink tool chest in the back.

Christmas was very nice. I didn't knit any gifts, but did send out quite a few cookies. We stayed in town and went to a couple events, and had a quiet Christmas dinner. There are photos of a house in the neighborhood we have visited for years on my other blog.

We managed to keep the quantity of gifts down so the little one really appreciated each item, especially his new workbench. The platform bed with a slide (not a Christmas present) is set up and he immediately decided he wanted to nap in it. Woo-hoo! He also set up his trains underneath which is win-win. I win because the living room is less cluttered and he wins because he gets to leave them out all the time. The timing of the new bed's arrival and his use of the word "own" as in "my own" was excellent.

I have been knitting the second pair contest socks and still spinning yarn for my sweater. I need to get back to knitting it, because I think I am getting close to enough yarn spun. The XRX sock contest deadline was extended to the end of January, so the pressure is off. I'm even thinking of a third pair.

I haven't forgotten the blog contest. The item I want to give away isn't going to be ready until sometime in January or February.

Finally, I have been out taking photos in the neighborhood. There was some interesting trash on the street.

Christmas morning:

What a crappy gift! No wonder it was tossed to the curb. Not only insulting, but obviously second hand. Aren't Abdominizers from the 1990's? Couldn't spring for an Ab-Roller, huh?

It looks like someone's recycling bin spilled here:

This was a couple feet away:

Must have been quite the party. From afar I assumed that the pink package had housed some type of marital aid.

But it was really a pack of seven size small:
Ladies' Disposable Panties
The Life Style for Modern Ladies
Off the top of my head here are the "life styles" that would require disposable underwear:
  • Frequent spa visits
  • Giving birth
  • Incontinence
Judging by the "modern lady" on the pack and the empty beer case, I think I must have missed one or two.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I Blog Occasionally

You may notice that the BLOG 365 "I blog daily" badge is gone from my sidebar. I can't tell you how many times I wanted to quit during this year, but I managed to post here or on my neighborhood blog daily. Until last weekend. I just have too much going on and can't get photos taken. Plus I noticed that I missed November 11. So there it is. I blogged every day for almost 11 months. Whopee.