Thursday, September 10, 2009


Whoa...I just noticed I haven't posted in over a month. One of the main reasons is that I got a call in the middle of August saying there was space at the co-op preschool three mornings a week. So I had to get doctor's notes; pack up extra clothes and gear; sign up for committees and work days; work one day a week there; and learn all the rules, rules, rules.

And voila, we have a preschooler. I didn't get first day photos because I was busy working there. He comes home each day soaked in paint. There are kids, trains, and a huge sandbox so he is thrilled to be a "preschool kid". The only tears were mine when I dropped him off on the second day after a sleepless night, and yesterday when he didn't want to leave because he wasn't "finished having fun".

I have already made one dump run for the school. Sigh. And there are two Tuesday night meetings a month, so I'm going to miss a bunch of knitting nights. Boo.

In other news, I crocheted for the first time in years. This is my interpretation of "Mouse and His Cookie".

We took a five day Labor Day weekend to visit up in Oregon. Lots of space to run in and cousins to rough house with for K. Of course we were suffering from a bug, thanks to preschool, no doubt.

Of course we found heavy equipment. This is at the really neat High Desert Museum on highway 97. There's a working saw mill, pioneer town, museum, and raptor area. We only saw a small part of it. Hope to visit some of the lava tubes in the area next time, too.

I took my bike a rode a couple times in the country and around downtown Albany. My sister and I took a few hours to shop and visited Baabaara's Wild and Wooley, where I learned to spin last year, and Jupiter Fiberworks in Bend. I was very restrained in my spending. Convinced my sister to buy a spindle and I got her fiber. Of course, met a few Ravelers.

As far as knitting and spinning lately, I better go back and see how I did on my summer knitting goals. Soon, I promise, no really, I'll post again soon!