Monday, November 06, 2006

Cloth Diapers

We decided to use cloth diapers as much as possible for a variety of reasons. I discovered that they are pretty hi-tech these days, and decided to try All-In-Ones for Kenneth. Instead of separate diapers and covers, an AIO consists of a waterproof layer, two layers of diaper fabric, and an internal pad of eight layers. And the whole thing just "velcros" on and afterwards goes in the washer and dryer. There are also long, foldable inserts (no picture) made of diaper fabric and flannel. This allows extra absorbency to be placed appropriately for boys & girls without a diaper that would take an hour and a half to dry. As it is with the eight layers they take an hour.

They are quite expensive to purchase, but I like to sew, so I got the pattern at Very Baby and the materials at One Stop Diaper Shop. They are very labor intensive, and the situation was made worse by the enormous belly in the way. If K. hadn't arrived two weeks "late" I'm not sure how many he would have had.

He grew out of the initial newborn set pretty quickly:

With the help of friends and family I made another batch in size small. (Okay, there are about five more partially completed). He is about to outgrow them, too.

I made white, blue, and periwinkle. That's part of the fun of making your own - colors. Note the coordination with his shirt. I used the scraps to make some waterproof cloths for him to sleep on and such.

The materials for the medium size have been sitting here for at least ten days. Ugh. At least they are supposed to fit up to twenty-some pounds, I think.