Friday, May 23, 2008

Pomatomus Progress

Apparently birds crapping on you is not a sign of good luck, as Kristen suggested in the comments, at least not imminent good luck, as today started out looking as bleak as yesterday. Actually it started last night with K. having another night of tossing and turning. We think he is trying to talk, he keeps sitting up and making new sounds. At 6:05 he woke up for good when his dad got up, and was insisting that I get up, too. Finally his father took him into the kitchen, I knew I wouldn't go back to sleep but I just wanted a few minutes to myself. A couple minutes later I hear the unmistakable sound of glass breaking on the tile floor of the kitchen.

I darted out of bed to assist with damage control wondering which wine glass broke. To my horror I see the shattered vessel of the $49.95 French press. Luckily no one got the tiniest sliver. Mr. TVP goes to the garage to get the shop vac. What a racket! The shop vac, the kid alternating from screaming in fear to whining to see it. And me, little sleep, and hopes of a cup of coffee dashed, literally. A little too much before 6:30 in the morning. My impatience increases as Mr. TVP proceeds to wipe the whole floor down with a wet rag.

Desperate, I get out my little one cup coffee filter holder, grind beans, and realize I have no filters. I curse my self for being "green" and not using paper towels or napkins. I find a couple take-out paper napkins in the junk drawer and try to make do. It does not work, the grounds rip through into the coffee. As as try to find some kind of sieve, my husband decides to go out and get coffee. Was it the swearing or the banging of drawers that drove him out? I used a tea sieve and gulped down some coffee. I search the web and see that we can order a new vessel for only $18. Decided to go and buy a whole new press and order a spare vessel.

The day got progressively better. I did some spinning during in K.'s nap. My yarn is starting to get a bit more consistent. This afternoon I got to go out alone, armed with a 20% off coupon for Bed Bath & Beyond and an appointment at Carolina Homespun to get a few spinning goodies. I guess my luck finally turned because there on the bottom shelf of the French Press display were replacement vessels for only $17.99 so I decided just to get that. If we break yet another one I think I will bring up the enamel camping coffee pot.

I got some Norwegian roving, a nidddy-noddy, and a color sampler. (I will post photos of the spinning soon. I haven't been able to get the stuff together while the light is right.) Then off for a quick beer and dinner with my husband, home by 6:00.

Here's my Pomatomus progress, I'm more than halfway through the second of three pattern repeats on the leg. I love the way it looks, the yarn has just enough color variation, but not so much as to take away from the pattern.


Fluffy said...

I was happy to read that you are enjoying kniting the socks. I want to make them,too, but I have at least one other to make first.

Janice said...

Oh, come on, please start them now. I've been having a great time so far, but I bet I'll need motivation to do the second one.

Janice said...

Oh, come on, please start them now. I've been having a great time so far, but I bet I'll need motivation to do the second one.