Friday, May 16, 2008

Greetings from La Pine

We arrived intact to visit my aunt and uncle in La Pine, Oregon. My little one did great on the flight and even jumped into his car seat in the rental car. Last time I checked there was snow on the ground, well I should have gone to a little site called before I packed because it was in the 90's today. I was not prepared for that at all. No sandals or shorts. At least I didn't bring mittens.

This is my first visit to this beautiful part of the state. I have only driven through in the past. There is green scrub and jack pines. Kind of reminds me of the Sierra Foothills. The home is lovely, on several acres, and full of my aunt's fine sense of style. My uncle's shop is almost twice the square footage of our apartment!

Sadly, the reason for the visit isn't as lovely. My aunt, a non-smoker, is fighting lung cancer. I'm going to see her in July at my grandfather's 90th birthday and family reunion, but I'm happy to get a more intimate visit. They've lived her four years and I'm more than overdue for this visit.

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