Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dairy Queen

We pretty much stayed around the house today, except for a trip out the to hardware store and the Dairy Queen. K. has never been allowed to enjoy the beauty of DQ ice cream before and we don't have one in or near San Francisco. Dairy Queen cones hold a special place in my childhood memories. Whenever my grandparents drove us over to the coast from Albany we would get a cone. I only get a vanilla cone dipped in chocolate. No sundaes or fancy Peanut Busters. Maybe a swirled cone now and again.

My husband is well-trained, whenever we're on the road he knows to point out any DQ to me. He knows where the last one in Oregon is before we head over the border. My sister and I got bamboozled into driving way into Ashland one time to satisfy our DQ craving. I've even been to one on Oahu (didn't taste the same). I've been to a lot of DQ's. But I'm pretty sure this was the first time that I made the transactions from the backseat of the cab of a pick-up.

Apparently K. follows his mother's tastes. I got him a little strawberry sundae because I thought he could hold it, but he would have nothing to do with it. He only wanted to eat the chocolate off my cone. I actually had to throw away ice cream. Tragic.

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