Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in Review

It's the time of year to reflect. There were some hard times, like losing my grandpa and aunt. Some achievements. Some disappointments. And many good times, especially taking trips to see family and friends, and pursuing "the fiber lifestyle". We were lucky to have business, unlike many builders in the area. K. loves his preschool and friends.


On a personal front I got back into cycling, running, and hiking. I also took a lot of photos. Photos of my city:

My kid:

Myself: And fiber:


K. took a bunch of photos. It's fun to see things from his perspective. I guess I'm wearing off on him because he takes pics of himself:

The things around him:

And me:

I'm not making any specific New Year's Resolutions beyond the changes I started last year and want to continue in 2011. Perhaps I will sign up for a 5K run.

On the fiber front I achieved the goal of buying no yarn in 2010. Thanks to friends and family I got plenty of lovely new yarn, though.

I must have made some crazy knitting goals, but I don't tag my posts very well so I couldn't find them, beyond my list of stash-busting ideas (4 of 13 done). According to my Ravelry notebook I knitted twenty-seven items this year.

I haven't set any knitting goals for 2011 but I have a few ideas:
  1. Knit sweaters this year: Wollmeise? Lett-Lopi? Handspun?
  2. Keep knitting socks. Handknit socks feel so good! Perhaps enter the SF One Sock a Month 2011 Hall of Fame?
  3. Finally finish that Fana Sweater.
  4. Continue working from stash
I also got more into needle felting and starting working at a fiber place.

Whether I make the knitting goals or not, I know 2011 will be a fulfilling fiber year. I'm already signed up for a twined knitting class at Stitches West on my birthday in February.


Happy New Year! See you in 2011.

Sunday, December 05, 2010


I can finally catch up on my knitting news. First off, I am so thrilled about the just published Sluggish Mushrooms that I test knit for StarryKnit! The pattern is adorable and just challenging enough. It was a marathon knit over the week of Thanksgiving.

Staying near the redwoods, there were tons of photo ops. This was at a mushroom growing business across from a tasting room we visited.

We had our annual Purl Jam stash exchange at the first of November. At the very last minute I used the last of the yarn I received in 2009. I made this feather and fan tank out of Collinette Giotto. It took a couple months from vision in my head to finished object, but it was one of those rare occasions when the result is just as I imagined it.

That was on the tail end of knitting the Eleanor cowl from Knitty, using Arapaho Rose alpaca yarn. Another project that turned out just as I had hoped.

Also a phone cozy and little purse from Elizabeth Austen Andes wool.

We had a great time picking yarn. There is a charming account and photos of the event on the PJ site.

Here is the yarn I selected this year, from the practical to fancy yarns I have been wanting to try.

I took my tank top, this yarn, and a little sheep to a Golden Gate park for a photo shoot. Not only did I run into an acquaintance, I also roped a young man into taking photos of me. Fiber people are not weird!! And yes, I set up my tripod to take photos of myself at home. Don't we all?

Beyond swapping yarn we exchanged handmade gifts. There was something for everyone, and a little bit extra for those who used all of last year's yarn, and used a lot of it. I received delicious baked goods, jam, a handbag, stitch markers, earrings, and two mugs designed especially for my collection. And they were all wrapped in pink fur. The baked goods did not last long enough for a photo.

Purl Jam is a very talented group. Talented, and just a bit competitive. But competitive in a way that makes us better knitters.

I'm already working away at the new stash. The Sluggish Mushrooms were made with stash exchange yarn. And I made my one and only Christmas knit, a scarf which is going to St. Anthony's knit scarf drive, from exchange yarn, too.

One last knitting thing, the One Sock a Month group was featured the new magazine Knitting Daily. You can spot my rainbow fish sock here among the school of them.