Sunday, November 18, 2007

Somewhat encouraging words

I was taking a much needed walk to the market a little while ago while the "men" watched Sunday Night Football. I had my knitting bag along, hoping to sit in the coffee shop for a few minutes and swatch some alpaca I just bought. I have been fondling this yarn in the LYS for months, dreaming of using it for a stranded sweater I hope to design for myself someday.

As a passed an apartment building I saw a middle aged women with an overnight bag head towards a car, followed by a man in his thirties with another overnight bag, followed by a pregnant woman in a green scarf. I noticed she was quite composed and carrying a knitting book.

It looked like they were going to the hospital, with the bags and all, but it was nothing like when I went. They weren't frantic or rushing. Whereas, sixteen months ago I was screaming with contractions one minute apart. I could barely get in the truck. My neighbor was staring (little did I know I was almost 9cm by then).

I went for it and asked the three "is this it"? The future grandma smiled and said "yes". I think the mom-to-be smiled. I was so happy for them. I felt blessed to see these people as they were about become parents. I wanted to say something brilliant and encouraging. I said, "good for you. You are about to have the most amazing few hours of your life." I got a block away and wished I told her "you are about to have the most amazing moment of you life, when you hold that baby the first time." And I really wish I had given her the skein of yarn as kind of a good luck charm from one knitting mom to another.

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