Monday, November 26, 2007

Just Little People

When I was pregnant my husband kept saying "I hope you know about babies, because I don't." He thought they were aliens. I kept telling him that babies are just little people. I kept hammering the idea in. One night there was an almost toddler at a dinner party we attended. He was drinking out of cup, and my husband said in amazement, "look, he's drinking out of a cup. And he's wearing shoes." I just stared at him and he said, "like a little person. I get it!"

I take my son to "child observation" classes run by the community college. The kids get to play, the mothers talk, and it is run by an instructor. When I watch all the toddlers at play, I think of all the potential there. Who knows what they will do, and see, and become? They are little people. I think that we are, to a great extent, born with our personalities. Some are outgoing, others more introspective. Sometimes, if I look just right, I can imagine the room full of adults, not kids. How lucky we are to watch these little people develop.

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