Sunday, November 04, 2007

My First Socks

These are my first socks. I’m really happy with them. They actually have been finished for quite a few weeks, I just never got around to blocking them. Yesterday I finally just washed and dried them so I could get photos. Thanks NABLOPOMO and Ravelry for the incentive.

I decided to try these after a failed attempt almost two years ago. Since then I have more knitting experience in general, and have used the size 1's enough that I felt comfortable. It was fun to just follow the instructions and trust that they would turn into a sock. I did some stuff wrong, but that's okay.

Pattern: Sock It To Me Plain Toe-Up Socks from
Yarn: Can't remember. Wool patterned sock yarn. Band lost while project abandoned
Needles: #1 US bamboo dpns
Problems: The first one was bound off a bit too tightly.

Here are both of them, stacked:

See how they are almost the same size? Cool.

And, of course on my foot. They fit quite well.


Offshore Wife said...

I am in sock envy. I cannot wait until I have seasoned enough to start knitting socks.

Janice said...

You can do it! You just have to have faith on the first pair. And you dont' have to use fingering weight and size 1's.