Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I Think I See Dead People

You know how you think you see someone who has been dead a long time? You are walking down the street and a person with the same build or hairstyle or whatever passes you and your mind tricks you into thinking it’s them. My father has been gone for six years, but sometimes I swear I see him. When he first passed away I would see him all the time. Once I was convinced that I hadn’t really watched him waste away from cancer, that he just decided to put on a big show so that he could start another life somewhere new.

A couple weeks ago when I found out an old friend died I started seeing all kinds of dead people. On one trip out on errands I saw my father, both of my grandmothers, and a friend who died of breast cancer. I "saw" her at the grocery store right after buying a pink breast cancer awareness bracelet.

I think our brains try to help us cope with loss. If we can still see our loved ones we are reassured that we have not forgotten about them. Othertimes I think that they are actually visiting us from the beyond.

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