Saturday, November 24, 2007

Deja Vu

The other day I was lying next to my son as he fell asleep for a nap, and I got the strangest feeling of deja vu. I was thinking about what snack I could eat while I got on the computer to finish writing the previous day's blog post. I remembered I bought a bag of Smart Popcorn the day before, when the feeling hit me. I remembered sitting in what was then our office/sewing room working at the computer wondering what it would be like when the baby was here and experiencing a strong sense of deja vu at that time.

I don’t know a lot about deja vu, it’s something I would like to read more about, but I have felt it quite a few times. But there have only been a couple times when I have had a feeling of deja vu about a time I had deja vu.

I wonder what triggered it? We just got through moving the baby’s crib and adding a climbing structure in his room, maybe that reminded me of getting ready for his birth? But, no, at the time I had the original feeling we hadn’t made any changes to the room. Maybe I was working on this same blog that day and eating popcorn? Is it that simple? Did I just imagine that I had a feeling of dejavu last year?

Memory or imaging? I wonder?

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