Thursday, November 15, 2007

Measure Twice Knit Once

This is a 12" square I knit for an afghan that is going to be auctioned off at a benefit for an injured cyclist. Ali posted on Ravelry asking for knitters to contribute a square for Amy who was hit by a drunk driver, is unable to work, and has medical bills to pay.

I said "sure", and went to get some blue worsted weight yarn the next day. Ali is going to be sewing all the pieces together (and knitting a bunch herself) and wisely asked that all the squares be a shade of blue and have a 1" garter stitch border for uniformity. I swatched, did math, cast on, and double-checked the width after a couple inches. It was 12" so I kept going, and after a couple evenings was near the end, and measured to see how close I was to 11" to change back to garter stitch. Well, I was at 10.5" but something looked wrong, the piece was was more of a rectangle than square. Uh oh. I measured and it was darn near 14" wide.

So I frogged and counted the number of stitches that equaled 12" and cast on again. After a few inches it was still wrong! At least I didn't get 10.5" through again. I added just a couple stitches and everything was fine. I actually finished it in about 28 hours. I blocked it last night.

I wish Ali luck. She is a good friend to Amy. I once had to piece together a group quilt where all the squares were supposed to be the same size. They weren't and I had to fiddle and fudge the border strips to keep it square, for the class show. Hope to see a picture of the finished afghan. It's neat to see other people's interpretations and talent. I bet some will be cabled and fancy, while others will be simple like mine, which just has a garter ridge every few rows.

I think it is so cool that people do knitting and sewing for others, be it chemo caps, blankets or quilts. It benefits the maker, too, it feels good to stop for a moment and think about others.

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