Sunday, November 11, 2007

Daughters of Norway

If you are stopping by here because you are interested in Scandinavia, and are a woman of Scandinavian decent or your spouse is, I encourage you to check out the Daughters of Norway.

The goals of the Daughters of Norway are:
  • To unite into a sisterhood, women who wish to preserve Norwegian heritage
  • To maintain among members a knowledge of the history, culture, and language of Norway
  • To build a strong support system and bond of friendship within the sisterhood
We have lodges throughout the West Coast, especially the Northwest; Nevada; Idaho; Montana; and Des Moines.

Our lodge meets monthly, we have a business meeting, a cultural presentation, and refreshments. We learn a lot, and eat a lot of good food. We have an annual Christmas party, and events in the summer. In addition, cultural groups meet to stitch, rosemal, scrapbook, and study genealogy. Sometimes we dress up like Vikings. Sometimes we coerce family members to do so as well.

At our meeting today we were graced with the presence of the Grand Lodge President and Vice-President. The cultural presentation was about Christmas cookies. Three of our members demonstrated Spritz, Rosettes, Krumkake, Sanbakels, and Julekake. Of course there were samples for everyone.

Afterwards we feasted. This is just a third of the table.

The cultural presentations are varied, and entertaining. A few meetings ago Norwegian Folk Dancers preformed. In June the topic was weddings. Our cultural director was able to borrow a brudekrone from Vesterheim. We all got to try it on.

And it truly is a sisterhood. I have made many good friends. They don't mind that I can be silly at times.


sanfranciscanq8 said...

I fell upon your blog, adorable name and site.

I also hail from S.F. and am the grandaughter of a proud Norwegian Grandma.

Love my roots, and will stop back in. :)

Another Viking Daughter

Katie DNWeb said...

Are you in the Anna K lodge? I would love to use some of your photos from whatever lodge you are with for dn website. I really want the bridal crown pix as at our lodge, the photo didn't work.

Grand permission please to use that photo ...
Takk! webmaster/


Janice said...

Sure I will email it to you when I can figure out how to do so. Perhaps we have one not so silly from that day. I will look through my files.

Katie DNWeb said...

Tusen Takk Janice....appreciate it.