Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No Gracias

This afternoon I was sent down to 16th and Capp St. to pick up a plumbing fixture. For those of you who don't know, 16th & Capp is the probably the number one place in the city to pick up a crack whore. A lovely way to spend the afternoon.

This Mission is home to many taquerias. I was stopped in traffic and got a shot of this place. Taco places cater to various kinds of customers. The one I go to is pretty limited in choices, there's nothing too wild.

But this place has a lot more than just beef, chicken, or pork burritos. You can see the Goat Soup sign (no thanks, even if I wasn't a vegetarian I don't think it would appeal to me. Although I love goat cheese. Go figure.) The smaller signs offer "buche" (pig esophogus) and "moronga" (big's blood sausage).

I really like the cactus tiles on the wall, though.

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