Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Knit Night Has it's Costs

Last night was knit night with my Ravelry pals. I really enjoy their company, knitting camaraderie, and advice.

But going out means I am leaving a tired old carpenter and an active 2-year-old boy to their own devices for two hours. I wouldn't say I always come home to disaster, but there have been a few times I have questioned if the time away is worth the collateral damage. When I get home it is bedtime, I can't stop and clean everything up, and it is REALLY hard for me to go to bed with a big mess looming for the morning.

The first time I came home every square inch of the floor was covered with toys. Another time the dinner dishes were strewn about; half-filled pans of food sat on the stove and counters; and bits of food were crusting onto the table, chairs, and the floor. But last night was the worst.

My return started out deceptively pleasant enough. I was greeted by the sound of little footsteps running towards me, the sweetest little "hi!" shouted at me, and a big hug. But K. was still upset about the fact that he dropped a knitting needle down the back stoop, into an abyss. This despite the fact that we repeatedly reassured him I was not angry, I knew it was an accident, and I have tons of other knitting needles. I carried him around, telling him everything was fine, and I found the apartment was neat, the dishes were done.

As we passed the bathroom I noticed the potty seat on the toilet. I asked K. if he pooped, he shook his head "no". His father said yes he did. In the bath. I asked if cleaned it up and he said no. I thought he was kidding, but no, there was actual poop in the bottom of my tub, people. And not just one, if that had been the case I suspect it would have been cleaned up, but many little poops, soggy little poops. So I cleaned the mess as best I could, leaving a good disinfecting of the twenty toys for the morning. At least dad did shower the kid off.

But it doesn't end there. We had a heck of a time getting the kid to sleep, he kept almost falling asleep, then waking up angry. He finally went down at 10:00, but I was still wide awake. I think I went to sleep at 11:00, only to be awakened by screaming at 2:30. The kid was mad. He didn't really go back to sleep until 3:30, and then something woke me up at 5:30. We were all up at 6:30 as usual, quite the worse for wear.

Another day begins in the glamorous life of a full-time mom and part-time partner in a general contracting business. First off, coffee for me and "cocoa" for the little guy. A little email, then attack the bathtub. Discuss business with Mr. TVP, who mercifully was home doing a bit of paperwork. Some breakfast and try get us dressed and out to the grocery store. Back home and naptime, which I spent on the computer working, instead of my usual knitting, boo. Time for a late lunch, laundry, picking up junk, etc.

My nerves were a bit short, and I was happy to get out and run errands when my mother came after 3:00. Who doesn't enjoy spending their precious little time away from their 2-year-old digging through job site debris to take the recycling away? Back home by 5:00 with burritos for dinner.

I decided to I could dye some sock yarn for contest socks since I wasn't cooking. While the yarn was simmering I went to do the dishes, but the soap bottle had fallen behind the refrigerator. I pulled it out to find a truly disgusting mess of crusted crackers, dust, and who knows what. Note to self, clean back there more than once in four years. Frantically try to do dishes, watch dye bath, clean under fridge, clean back of fridge, watch the clock for bedtime. Stub toe numerous time on leg of stupid, stupid bar stool that has been moved to make room for refrigerator. Notice that I only drank half as much coffee as usual, no wonder I was dragging all morning. More about the yarn tomorrow, I'm typing this up in the last minutes before bed.

...So I was just about to post this when Mr. TVP informed me that "we had another incident in the bath". Before I could tell him it was his turn to clean it up he said it was "just vomit this time" and he "rinsed it". Pleasant dreams, everyone.

...Dang it, we have to go over some paperwork so I'm still not in bed. Kid is not happy. I am not happy, working with your spouse is not always easy, if ever.

....A miracle just occurred. Kid went to sleep 10 minutes early and I was able to get up out of bed, creaky floors be damned, and come to the living room, he stayed asleep in his crib. It has been a long time since I was able to do that, and frankly by 9:00 when he falls asleep sometimes I'm too tired. Had to leave my knitting behind but I don't mind, haven't watched grown-up t.v. in so long.

I wonder what's in store tomorrow beyond the trip planned trip to the recycling center, salvage yard, and zoo? I'm sure there will be something crusty or poopy along the way.

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Jessica said...

Oh man... all I can say is hang in there and have a good time at the zoo!