Friday, October 03, 2008


I heard about a Halloween costume contest going on at Becky Knits Too. The winner will receive a $20 gift certificate to Scout's Swag. You can tell her about the costume on the contest post, or better yet, post a picture of it on your blog. You get more entries that way. And people can laugh at you or fall in love with you, as the case may be.

Here's one of mine:

I'm the bee up front and center. Apologies to my former co-workers, I will not list your names, to protect your identities, and I know one of you reads this blog. We were a total hit and credit goes to the unnamed bee front left for coming up with the idea. Thanks to us, the costume contest was brought back the next year, and we won as Potato Heads. Maybe I'll put that photo up as we get closer to Halloween. (see bottom of post for instructions for the bee costume).

But why was this one of my favorite costumes? Because I have a lot of good memories about that Halloween. We had fun making them, we entertained a lot of people, and I have some good blackmail photos. But the most memorable part was later that evening after going to Halloween at Castro Street when my friend and I went to a local bar where the female bartender developed a crush on me. She kept giving us "red headed sluts", a charming little drink consisting of Peach Schnapps, Jagermeister, and cranberry juice. Nectar, I tell you. I like free drinks and all, but it was so funny that someone would have a crush on a sweaty woman in a Hefty Bag. I was told she asked about me later.

Anyhow, thanks, Becky, for holding the contest. Brought back some fond memories.


Speaking of costumes (well kind of, indulge me, okay?), the verdict is still out on the Hammer Pants. Here's a photo of him performing today from the local newspaper. They are baggy, but not really tight enough at the ankle, right? And local blogger, PretePress, apparently got to attend the concert. Here is his post, complete with video. I still can't tell about the pants! And I'm curious if he sang other songs (MC Hammer, that is). I will say he certainly qualifies as "Hardly Strictly" Bluegrass.


This isn't really sewing, but I didn't want to make a new category label.

Easy Bee Costume

  • Large black garbage bag - one per bee, unless you screw up cutting, better have extra
  • Yellow Duct Tape - one roll
  • Yellow Pipe Cleaners (aka some other name these days) - 2 to 4 per bee
  • Fishing Bobbers - 2 per bee
  • Plastic Hairband - one per bee
  • Black Spray Paint - one can
  • Scissors - one pair, unless you are doing an assembly line
  • Dark Shirt & Pants - one of each per bee, please
Optional Items:
  • Sunglasses
  • Yellow & Black striped socks
  • Bit 'O Honey candy to give out
  • In advance, spray paint fishing bobbers
  • Cut out hole for head at the bottom (now top) of garbage bag
  • Cut out holes for arms
  • Put stripes of yellow tape on bag. Bag on your person, or laid flat on the table, your choice.
  • Put each bobber on a pipe cleaner, you might have to double up
  • Wrap two pipe cleaner/bobbers onto the headband, it can be challenging to keep them, um, erect
  • Put on your dark clothes, striped socks, garbage bag, antennae, and sunglasses (and shoes, I guess)
  • Get ready to sweat, or to be prepared for rain, if you are the "glass half full" type of person


sophanne said...

Those are totally awesome!

Thanks for playing and posting. It makes it so much fun

Anonymous said...

Fantastic..! Really a great Halloween costume contest. Packed with fun and enjoy.