Monday, September 29, 2008

More Admin.

This morning I noticed that my category links were gone, and I couldn't fix the code, so I broke down and updated my template. I also have a bit of work to do updating labels on old posts. And why is there "knitting" and "older knitting"? Because the next page code was broken, so all the knitting stuff wouldn't show up, and I didn't want the old stuff to be lost.

Let me know if anything is wonky, please.

A question - if I answer comments in the comments do you read them? I tend to answer there rather than email back so everyone can see the answers. But with moderated comments, there might be a delay. If you are like me you might not remember to go back and check comments you made on other people's blogs. Don't want my few loyal readers to think I am ignoring them. So, what do your prefer?

I'm going to go through and take links to my kid's blog out. But I will email it to friends, family, and regulars.

And finally, lurkers, say "hi" sometimes, okay? Even if it is just "hi". I would like to check out your blog, too.


Anonymous said...

hi... from your blogless step sister... xoxo

Kristen said...

I like to hear back through email, as I often forget to check back in comments.

Fluffy said...

I try to reply through e-mail because I almost never think to check back..That reminds me. I believe I owe you one. Jeez.