Monday, September 08, 2008

Back With the Living

I'm finally out from under the crud, and the heat wave is over. Thanks for the comments, emails, and calls. I did some reading, but not much knitting, just hurt my head too much. I did some spinning today.

We went to a really neat art installation on the beach yesterday. There are photos on my other blog. If you're local, you might want to check it out it runs through next weekend.

K. was much more interested in the fire truck and engine that parked at the beach. He got to explore the ladder truck and engine extensively, as only a little boy can.

Did I mention our visit to the fire department museum Thursday? I was so groggy and it was so hot I couldn't bear to take the regular zoo trip so we looked at old fire engines including one of the originals in the City from 1849. There's a fire station next door and we got to watch the ladder truck back in, and then a fire fighter came in, talked to us and carried K. around a bit.

I'm getting us ready for a camping trip this weekend. We're going to the California Wool & Fiber Festival which is part of the Mendocino County Fair.

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