Monday, September 29, 2008

Everybody's Doing It...

..posting their keyword searches, that is. So, in lieu of knitting photos, photos of my kid, or other ramblings here you have it:

These are the top searches leading people to this blog:
  1. 18.72% giraffe costume
  2. 13.62% how to make a giraffe costume
  3. 6.38% giraffe costume pattern
  4. 4.68% viking stuff
  5. 2.98% how to make giraffe costume
  6. 2.55% baby giraffe costume
  7. 2.55% viking princess
  8. 2.55% make a giraffe costume
  9. 2.13% making a giraffe costume
  10. 1.70% viking princess costume
If all goes well, next Halloween people will find my blog by searching "zoo keeper costume". And for all those who didn't see it, here is the giraffe costume in question.

Here are some other search terms used:
  • wheat weaving
  • interweave heart sachet
  • martin luther bobble head
  • senior picture 1987 (gorgeous, isn't it?)
  • princess's grammar (not as clean as it you would think just by reading this blog)
  • big viking costume (bite me)
  • correct grammar hung up the phone
  • woman, bart, attack (I would love to know why they were looking for this)
  • norwegian bunader pattern
  • luther burbank roses
  • craigslist's grammar mistakes
  • lacroix fallecker
  • sunnmørebunaden
  • daughters of norway idaho
  • viking princess tattoos (you'll never know)
Okay, I lied earlier, here's a picture of my kid. The expression embodies how he will feel at age 13 when he discovers I allowed him to be seen in public with his baby doll. It's a boy, doll, people. And he threw it on the ground and stomped on it ten minutes after this photo was taken.

Back to search words. My other blog's Top Ten:
  1. 21.57% apartment names
  2. 13.73% sunset style
  3. 7.84% francis scott key elementary
  4. 5.88% names of apartments
  5. 5.88% sunset video
  6. 3.92% windsor terrace lawton san francisco
  7. 3.92% hello panda
  8. 3.92% polly ann's ice cream san francisco lassiter
  9. 1.96% thom ross little big horn
  10. 1.96% parkway apartments inner sunset
Other searches:
  • a myth why the sunset has many colors
  • cool apartment names
  • san francisco sunset district garage doors (I think I couldlove you)
  • 44th ave
  • lawton steps artist san francisco tile (thanks for reminding me about these)
  • 70's light fixtures
  • setting out tile on a staircase
  • tile from the 1970's
  • popular brown tiles from the 70's (by popular you mean ugly, right?)
All in all, nothing weird. But then again I keep my language and topics pretty clean on here, as opposed to real life where I don't do so well. I really thought there would be some kinky sock searchers, judging by mail I have received through my Flickr account.

And finally, I received junk email with this subject: "make he happy with your bigger stick". Yes, it said "he".


Kristen said...

Your giraffe costume entry was posted before I discovered your blog - cute! And that is too funny about your prediction of how your son will feel about the doll pic at 13. I think all parents must have a blackmail picture or two of their kids.

How did you find out about the top searches leading to your blog?

Janice said...

I use a plug in from It's an invisible widget. It's been fun to watch the traffic here increase, I big part due to being on Ravelry. The other one has increased too, as I've met more local bloggers.

And in case this photo gets lost, I've got plenty of naked baby ones.

Fluffy said...

My most popular is the Free Entrelac Hat Pattern. It's had over 800 hits. My dream is that someone takes it into the shop where the owner was selling photocopies of it without my approval. The a**hole never even apoligized.