Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall is Here

Fall means the fog will begin to abate and we will have more clear days like today. It is also time to see how many of my summer knitting goals I met. Here are my knitting and spinning goals for this summer, which I posted on June 13th:
  • Finish Pomotamus socks - done
  • Finish Fana cardigan - not done (but I finally got the buttons & trim)
  • Finish undisclosed UFO - done (this was yesterday's blue kitty button sweater)
  • Design and knit cabled "licorice" socks - done
  • Spin enough pink yarn to make a tank or something similar - not done, but I did make handspun items, see below
  • Spin and knit a pair of stranded mittens - not done, too ambitious
  • Spin a two-ply sock yarn and make short socks - not done, too ambitious
And these are things I thought I might work on, getting in the way of the above items:
  • Make a felted bag with beautiful yarn I got for Christmas - done
  • Design socks for Think Outside the Sox contest - still thinking
  • Make some korknisse for secret project - made some but not for the project
  • Make something from Viking Patterns for Knitting - not yet
  • Make a Bohus sweater - ordered and received kit
Finally, things I did that weren't on the list:
  • Knit handspun mittens - done
  • Knit handspun hat - done
  • Made a few handspun korknisser - done
  • Spun color sampler yarn - done
  • Knit pair of baby booties - done
  • Started spindling for a sweater - done (12 oz spun and sweater cast-on)
  • Process first fleece - started (I washed a batch but carding didn't go well)
  • Made"little sky" socks - done

All in all it was quite productive. The main thing I wanted to achieve, finishing the Fana sweater didn't happen. I ended up ripping the sleeves out twice, and still have cold feet about the finishing. I need someone to take the little one out for a few hours so I can have the iron and sewing machine out.

I am happy about how my spinning is progressing and the fact I improvised and made up some of my knitting. I want to continue learning how to do things the "right" way, while being more creative. I think they go hand in hand.

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