Sunday, February 24, 2008

Knitting Update

I have been working exclusively on the Fana sweater. Here is a photo of how far along I am - almost to the armpits.

Now I have to decide how to proceed. I originally was planning on doing the whole thing in the round, with steeks at the armholes, and cutting out the neckline. But the Fana book says to work the front and back separately from the underarms. This makes sense because the neck isn't a "V", it is actually a very large "U", which I like, but I would end up cutting out a lot of knitting. However, it will be purling, which I try to avoid.

Here's a bit better idea of how it will look. Those are button holes. They will be bound in red stitching. And I hope blocking will get the edge to lay down better.


Fluffy said...

The sweater looks great. It makes me want to get started on my Scottish Sanquahar gloves.I have the pattern and the needles. I haven't gotten the black and white yarn yet.

Kristen said...

Very pretty; you are moving along quickly.