Thursday, February 07, 2008

How Oatmeal Works

We eat a lot of oatmeal chez Viking Princess. Instant oatmeal is a quick, easy, and healthy breakfast. And the kid loves the sound of the tea kettle (okay, he likes watching his mother sing and dance to "I'm a Little Teapot". He also likes show tunes and high kicks) and loves to help open and pour the package into the bowl. I like using old fashioned oats in chocolate chip bar cookies.

I've read that oatmeal is good for reducing cholesterol, and was wondering how it does that. I found this at
So how do oats work?
Think of rolled oats as tiny sponges that soak up cholesterol and carry it from your body...This cholesterol is "trapped" and removed from your body naturally.
Well, this is how oats work around here:
How do oats defy laundering?
Think of oats as "parasites" that get stuck to your clothes. You scrape off the oatmeal prior to laundering only to find it is still there afterwards...Worse, you pull clothes out of the drier only to find crusted oatmeal on clothes that were never worn while eating oatmeal, and then discover gooey lumps on the drier door. These lumps are oats that have soaked up water in the laundry and become like "rubber cement".
Yes, oats certainly are persistent little grains.


Kristen said...

Someone ought to make a video of your Broadway oatmeal production! Old fashioned oatmeal with honey toasted walnuts, raisins, a pinch of brown sugar, and half and half is a favorite breakfast. Luckily we don't have the oatmeal laundry problem.

Janice said...

Mmm, that sounds good, I forgot how good a little half and half with oatmeal is.
No video! I can't carry a tune in a bag, as they say.