Friday, February 01, 2008

Jumping to Conclusions

Every once in a while I Google myself and this blog. I found this quote: "I am so glad I do not live in California. " in response to my post about my adventures at the Dump.

My initial response to this comment was "me too." I wondered why s/he was glad. Okay, I assumed it was a "he". Does he think our Dump is inferior to the dumps in his state? Does he think only in California women go to the dump? What is so "California" about my being a regular customer at the dump?

In response to this person's statement, another said "California's the trend-setter. It's only a matter of time".

Until what? And really, California is the dump trend-setter?

Turns out these people don't think it is legal to make customers show i.d. to use a credit card.

Okay, never mind.

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