Friday, February 08, 2008

Heart Sachet

I'm participating in a Valentine's Day swap through Ravelry. When I signed up I knew I wanted to make this heart sachet which is from Interweave Knits Summer 2005, also available as a pdf. I had knit one already as a gift (in my haste I mailed it without taking a photo) and wanted to do another.

I cast on with some magenta Koigu KPPM and did the first square. Then I found out that my recipient doesn't like pink or magenta, light green is her favorite color. Hmm, I could do red, but why not be a little different and go with a green theme, since it's her favorite color. Fortunately I had green Koigu in my stash.

I love this pattern, it's quite ingenious, but it was pretty challenging for me. The first one took me ages to do. It isn't really hard, but it is fussy. If you do it, make sure you follow the advice to weave the ends in as you go onto the next squares. That keeps it neat and cuts down on final weaving in of ends. My main problem was the purl decreases that aren't in the first couple squares. I kept forgetting to do them on the subsequent squares.

It didn't take as long to this one as the first, and it was fun watching how the colors made every square different.


Kristen said...

Very pretty in green. Size 1 needles?!

Janice said...

Yep, size ones.