Saturday, February 09, 2008


I just got "Fanatrøyer" in the mail from Norway and it is even more wonderful than I expected. There are so many images - old photos of people in their sweaters, close-ups of old sweaters, photos of modern re-creations. It is full of inspiration.

It is in Norwegian, but I had no idea there are about six pages in the back in English that summarize the history of knitting in Norway and Fana sweaters. But the best thing is there are instructions in English! It shows how to finish the cut edges with fabric backing and woven trim, which I was very unclear about.

Here a few things I learned in my first pass through of the book:
Contrary to what I had learned, there appears to be a bunad that uses a sweater. A Fana bunad is shown with a close fitting solid color Fana sweater underneath the bodice.

About the white Fana sweater. Very lovely with purled textured patterning.

The striped sweater was worn throughout the West coast, but has been carried on in Fana. Part of my family is from the coast, so perhaps someone way back wore a striped sweater.

I can't wait to read more, and put the finishing touches on my sweater plan. Next I'm going to look at the buttons and make a decision about those.

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