Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Southern Oregon (Fashion Victim #2)

Today we drove from La Pine Oregon over to I-5 to head home. We drove the western side of Crater Lake. It was very smoky so I didn't even take any pictures of it. It was a great side trip, though, and I do hope to go again and camp. Apparently the final road just opened last week. There was snow on the ground in places, but it was still at least 80 degrees. The wildflowers were blooming right next to snow.

K. played in the snow for the first time. He enjoyed tasting it, throwing it, and poking at it, but not falling in it or walking on it.

I think this is a mountain lion print. I'm sure it is a cat, I just haven't checked to see which live in the area. I didn't put anything down for scale, but trust me it is large.

This white-breasted nuthatch was posing at an overlook.
I'm amazed at parks like these that are only fully open a short part of the year. They somehow seem more wild, since they are only shared with humans part-time.

I saw many things on the road I wanted to take pictures of (like the Taco truck in White City, "The Bullet Depot", and the trailer park with a "Choose Life" sign on it), but I was busy knitting and amusing a two-year-old who only napped an hour.

I did manage to catch this car. There are no doors, and the back window is missing. It does have a license plate, I just fuzzed it out to protect their identity.

And finally, our fashion victim number 2. At first glance the shirt seems merely patriotic, but that is a golf course below. I don't get the connection. And those are sandals with socks. I know, I know, even I have done it.

Worse, he is smoking at the gas station. Yes, he's a fair piece back, waiting in line, but still, why is he out of the vehicle and flicking ashes on the ground?


Fluffy said...

Hey! Don't knock sandals and socks. I live on an enormous sand bar. I love sandals, but I hate sand between my toes.

Janice said...

It's just.. aren't sandals worn to keep your feet cool? And then putting socks on warms them back up?
Okay, I know sandals are comfortable.