Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Fashion Victim #1

Me!!! Socks are for cold weather, sandals are for warm. There were perfectly good hiking boots in the tent. Hey, at least I wasn't wearing shorts.

My sister and I report in to each other about unfortunate fashion victims we spot. There are just as many victims in Idaho as there are in San Francisco. Strangely, there are just as many pairs of Uggs in this maritime climate as in icy Idaho. I hope to post renderings of the most tragic cases in the future. I don't have a cell phone camera, and would feel creepy actually taking photos.

I just want to point out that we are not making fun of people, just reporting crimes. It happens to all of us, the clothes, they lie. "It's okay to wear me in public, Target calls me "pyjama pants", not "pyjamas." Thousands have been tricked by smooth-talking sleepwear that was dying to get out off the house. That is why we call them fashion "victims", not fashion "criminals".

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