Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I think I've said this before, but I love contests, especially contests that make me think. And what a bonus when the contest is for pink stuff! Phoe is having a contest, for two different pink packages of goodies. One you enter just by emailing, the other by posting photos of things that inspire you.

I do take a lot of photos, just of things I like. But I'm trying to take more that can inspire my knitting and spinning.

I would love to make socks in these colors:

These aren't colors I would normally wear, but there's something about the graduation of shape and color that I find really attractive:

Again, this is an example of colors I would say I don't like (oranges), but in reality I do. This also reminds me that sometimes you need a lot of contrast to make something special stand out.

It's kind of cliche'd, but the industrious spider is inspirational. And the beauty of the shiny drops on a grey day.

I like the way a few lines and shadows say so much:

You can't really see, but instead feel the inspiration of one of my favorite places on Earth, Burney Falls. There is just a tremendous energy here, the motion of the water, the colors, the damp air, and something else, something spiritual:

The ocean always inspires me. The constancy. The strength. I like to think of the ways different people would have used these pieces of wood to build various sculptures. Mine probably would have looked more like a fence.

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow, that waterfall is gorgeous!

Thanks for taking part.