Saturday, August 30, 2008


Okay, that last post (I'm about to add some thoughts there, at the end) was a bit of a downer, and didn't have any photos, let me make up for that. Here's the first of the rose yarn I'm spinning for the sweater. I just made the August challenge of 4 oz.

Speaking of spinning, this morning I went to the opening of Urban Fauna Studio. It was packed, but I didn't mind because several of my Tuesday Knit Night pals where there. I bought a new spindle and hand carders. I had checked beforehand to see if there would be carders, but didn't know there would be Greensleeves spindles, yea! I'll try to take a better picture of Lady Barbara later.

I, as well as the other first 75 customers, got a goodie bag and free pattern. Everyone got different loot, and Jessica traded yarn with me. I can't wait to go back and browse when it isn't crowded.

See that stitch marker? It has an itty bitty quail on it, which reminded me that we came across the very few quail who live in Golden Gate Park the other day. Fluffy, I was thinking of you.

And that reminded me of another bird. We had a great day at the zoo Thursday, with a special behind the scenes giraffe feeding. We fed them leaves, and K. was amazed at how tight he had to hold onto the branch while the baby stripped the leaves off. And his hand got licked by a long giraffe tongue. Fun times.

We stopped to have a snack and he was trying to feed seagulls when this guy came up, happy to eat popcorn cake crumbs. Peacocks are beautiful, one of my favorites.

But up close? Not so much. The dinosaur ancestors really show up. And this guy was really aggressive, he was ready to go through my bag, or peck my camera.


Fluffy said...

Thanks so much for the quail. I put it in my pictures so I can look at it whenever I want.

I read your last two posts and I know what you are saying. I've lived in the city, out in the country and in the suburbs. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. Trying to decide what suits you best can be hard.

Kristen said...

Don't you love goodie bags? I see you got a cute tea cozy pattern. I just made my first one as a gift and it was fun. I'm loving that rose yarn.