Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fana Check-in

The trim and buttons for my Fana sweater came in the mail yesterday. I had procrastinated in ordering it, I think because I'm insecure about sewing on the facing. Then there was a little delay in the trim getting here. But it's here, so I can finish up the sweater, right? I pulled out the sleeves to see how much I have left to do and decided to rip them out again. I wasn't happy with the way the increases looked and some of the other knitting just doesn't look good either.

I made a lot of progress on the first one during nap-time today, and it looks better. While I was knitting I realized that Labor Day is in two weeks which means summer will be over, which means I have two weeks to finish, since this sweater is one the main goals on my summer knitting list.

I need to get someone to take the kid out for a few hours when I work on the facing, I think. I need to set the iron up, get out the cutting, mat, etc. Plus, have quiet when I cut the rest of the front steek. Maybe next weekend. But it has to be soon because I want to pin the sleeves in to make sure they are the right length, and I'm not cutting the sleeve steeks until I get the front steeks sealed up into the facing.


Kristen said...

Good luck with Fana and hope you meet your goals. Though I've abandoned mine for now, I may make a baby version for family babies who seem to be cropping up.

Fluffy said...

See. Sometimes knitting looks fine to everyone else, but YOU are not happy with it and you just have to rip it out and start over.

Oh. I don't know about Birks. I wear Haflingers. I have clogs, sandals and maey janes. And slippers.

I still get nervous every time I do skeets. I'm just glad I have a good Viking machine.