Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Failed project and Cake

I spun this yarn with the intent of making a Morning Surf scarf, as seen in Spin-Off magazine. The fiber is this sampler from Carolina Homespun (there was actually more in there, some greys, too. I didn't use it all.)

I laid out the colors in the progression I wanted. What I didn't plan well was how light and dark colors would ply together with too much contrast. I started this project over a month ago. Keeping the sequence together with my little helper around was a challenge. I had to re-do the final, blue section several times and I can see now I lost a pair.

I really liked the way the yarn turned out. This is pre-washing. I washed it a few nights ago and noticed the colors bled, but I wasn't concerned because I was going to use progressively cooler water and keep rinsing so none of it would "stick". Well, I went to read to the little one bedtime stories and fell asleep myself. The next morning I dashed in to the kitchen expecting a total disaster.

Fortunately the color only transfered in a couple places where the darkest blue and red were resting on other colors. Only a few sections were effected.

I started knitting the pattern today, and it doesn't work. The yarn is just too thick, and not enough. I would end up with a square scarf. That's okay, I really like the pattern and may use it for something else. And I really like the yarn, but I'm not sure what to do with it.


Have I mentioned I'm a germ-o-phobe? Well, recovering germ-o-phobe because I know enough that I have to let my kid get exposed to germs so he can build up immunity. I make him wash his hands, but I have really cut back on the anti-bacterial hand wipe use.

Anyhow, I was really happy to see the name of this bakery. I don't know, "Sanitary" isn't the first thing I would desire in a bakery, "Scruptious" probably is. But I wouldn't want something from an "Unsanitary" bakery, either. This place was opened in 1909.

I was even happier to see what was inside. And yes, it is good.

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