Friday, August 08, 2008

Handspun F.O.'s

I went to the park yesterday to take photos of the items I made from my first handspun. Since they were natural colors I thought a natural background would be nice.

Saw some beautiful plants along the way. The texture of these guys made them look artificial:

This shrub was covered with dangly pink flowers:

Here's my first knit item made with my handspun yarn. The pattern is Pro Bono. I like this photo because it doesn't look like me at all. I mean I don't see myself this way, only seven foot tall people would see me from this angle.

I named the hat "mixed breed" in Ravelry. Most of it is made from a sampler of different sheep (they weren't identified). Part of it is Jacob & Llama, a bit Norwegian, and one stripe is Icelandic.

I used some of the scraps to make these Kornissen to have on hand to give as little gifts.

It was a beautiful foggy day. I love all the greens of the trees against the grey. This tree had a ton of green cones.

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Kristen said...

The hat looks fabulous in your handspun. I'm bookmarking that pattern.