Saturday, August 23, 2008

Major Purchases for Major Projects

Today we took a drive to the Russian River. On the way we stopped at the Santa Rosa farmer's market so I could pick up the wool for my big sweater spindling project from Karen of RoyaleHare. I love the color. And I had better, because I'm going to be spinning a lot of it. The yoke will be the multi-color (only one more braid of that to spin) and the neckband and balance of the sweater will be rose.

I just about finished a sleeve for the Fana sweater on the trip, and the other is about 1/3 done.

Meanwhile, this came in the mail a couple weeks ago from Stagecoach Yarns:

Actually that plus more skeins of the light blue main color on the far right, and a blown up pattern, color keyed with yarn. It is for the Blue Shimmer Bohus sweater.

Above is a page out of Poems of Color, which I understand has just been re-printed, showing an original Blue Shimmer. The yarn is custom dyed, super soft, a blend of wool and angora. I have had to force myself not to swatch, to focus on finishing my other projects. But I did wind one skein of the MC into a ball, couldn't resist.

I'm going to work on these sweaters simultaneously. Hopefully there will be enough variety of tasks so I don't get bored and sidetracked onto socks or something. The Bohus suggests size 2 for the body, which means I will likely have to use size 1s. Not a fast knit.


Kristen said...

The yarns for your projects are gorgeous. Mmmm, that rose... I have that book and love the bohus sweaters. Size 1 or 2 needles for a sweater scare me away.

Fluffy said...

I love Poems of Color. I got mine at a library sale several years ago for 25 cents. I have made hats, but not a sweater yet. There a booth at MD Sheep & Wool Festival that sells kits for the book. For all I know, it may be Stagecoach.