Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Kid is Talking

This wasn't planned to be a mommy blog, but I am a mom, so...

Did you know that blowing bubbles is a contact sport? Well, it is at our house, anyway.

In other news: Everyone said don't worry, including our doctor, but K. was only saying a few words and is 20 months old. According to the "books" he should be saying 50 words, and as of last week he was saying "ma ma", "da da", "dat", and that was about it. Actually he was saying "thank you" but we didn't realize it.

Well, in the past few weeks he has begun saying more and more. I'm relieved. Here's a video of him and his favorite new Thomas Friend, Duncan. He sleeps with Duncan under his pillow.


Kristen said...

Cute! As a speech-language therapist, I usually advise parents that there is a wide range of 'normal' and developmental stages are based on averages. However, if you have nagging concerns and want to put your mind at ease, your son is not too young to be screened by an SLP. You can ask the pediatrician for a referral, or call the local public school to find out about birth-to-three screenings.

Janice said...

Thanks, I thought you might have some input.