Saturday, March 01, 2008

Gossip & Socks

So I was just catching up with LaVerna and she told me that Devonshire is having a blogiversary contest. It's easy, just tell her your favorite dessert. Tell her I sent ya, okay?

Got about 8" done on the "Wishbone Lace" socks, ready to start the heel. As I was looking at the lace pattern page I had a flashback. I actually ripped one more time than I mentioned. When I was fussing about originally, unable to do the "Centered Wishbone", I started doing "Faggoting Ribs" because I didn't like the "Left-Slant Wishbone", I messed it up and ripped.

Now I'm looking at my sock and realize the wishbones are upside down compared to the chart, it doesn't matter, but, I prefer the way they look with the "v" at the bottom. Oh well, maybe I'll do sock #2 the other way.

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