Thursday, March 13, 2008

Junk Buffet

Is it just around here or do men in general have to take up us much room with their stuff as possible?

One example is cooking. I tend to get everything out that I will need, and put things away after I use them. Use a bowl to beat eggs, rinse it out it and put in the sink. Use the flour sifter, put it away. That way at the end there isn't as much to clean up. The other adult in this house is a great, creative, cook but he takes everything out, uses it, leaves it out and has a big mess to clean up after the meal.

Another example is job sites. I've worked on a few with him. Again, everything gets spread all around. One of my jobs is to organize and clean up at the end of the day. Put tools back in bags, put all the painting materials together, etc. I don't have job sites, I can only compare it to a big sewing project. Again, I tend to clean up as I go. Finish cutting the pattern, through the scraps away, etc.

I wonder two things. First, does one way of working or the other really save time? I think staying organized and keeping the field clear makes the job go faster. I can see the argument, though, that it is faster just to plow through and get things done. And that you risk putting something away only to have to take it out again. I don't like cleaning, I think that's why I clean as I go, that way there isn't a huge clean-up looming.

Second, is it some kind of male territory-marking thing? Or are there women out there who work with all their stuff spread out, too?

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Fluffy said...

Yep. That's my husband. He makes me crazy. And when he decides to cook, I have to go hide. I can't stand it.