Friday, December 21, 2007

Turkish Delight!

Remember my disappointment with Turkish Delight?

I didn't get a response from the email I sent to Turkey. I found out the company has an outlet in New Jersey and contacted them for help. I got an email a few days later from Turkey. A little back and forth and I was told that it sounded like the product I purchased was in an outdated package and damaged by heat.

Just three days later UPS delivered this:

Inside I found this carton:

Inside the carton was Double Pistachio Turkish Delight:

It was good:

So good that our dinner guest, who ironically had been in Turkey about the same time I wrote my first rant, said it tasted like what she on her trip. If the house wasn't full of Christmas cookies right now, the whole package would be gone.

Thank you, Gulluoglu.

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