Sunday, December 23, 2007

No Peeking Under My (Tree) Skirt

This is our tree. It is small, up high and started with no breakable ornaments.

The guy on the right the reason for our truncated tree.

This is the angel I embroidered many years ago. I just love her.

This is the ornament that my friend Linda painted, inspired by rosemaling. She loves purple as much as I like pink. She sold her ornaments at a craft fair this year and made one pink one. Luckily I got it.

This is the tree skirt I finally finished last week.

I have made the pattern a couple times before. It isn't hard but a little time consuming and of course I had to have the iron, and other dangerous implements out in the process. It was a challenge to get it done with a toddler helping. I knew it wouldn't be perfect. However, if I were to let you peek underneath, you would see the visible seam where I pieced the backing fabric. Yes, I cut, pinned and sewed the entire backing on upside down without noticing. Ugh!!

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