Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Mt. Lassen

Well, there's nothing like a contest to get me to post! And OMSH is throwing one perfect for me. You just have to post a picture of yourself making a funny face, like this:

This is a self portrait of me at the summit of Lassen Peak in Northern California. Why is it a self-portrait? Because my husband, a former beaver trapper from New England, was too cold to go to the top. He hunkered down with this guy:

Yeah, there was a little snow but it was September, and the mountain is only 10,462 feet high. On my way up I passed a person with a cane, and a toddler. Not a Sunday stroll, but not that strenuous. See, just a little snow:

Okay, it was pretty cold, but I was on a mission. The first time I went to Lassen there was too much snow, even in July, to hike up, this was about 1991. The second time, in about 1999, the trail was clear, but halfway through it got cloudy and my hiking partner insisted we turn back.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who takes or lets others take silly photos of themself. So head on over to the contest, you have until midnight Thursday.


Anonymous said...

First I saw you and then a squirrel. It made me think twice - really.

And then I had to look at you again - and the squirrel...and I'm seeing a bit of resemblance.

heh heh

I've looked at too many funny faces, eh?

Honestly, the tongues are making all these photos totally worthwhile!

Russell said...

I used to read your blog before you had your baby, and I hadn't checked on you for a while. Great Pic. Is the trail at all treacherous...I don't do treacherous, but I love a good hike.

I'm using my husband's account and am too lazy to log in as me. Here's my site

Janice said...

I love the bunnies you knit! Can't wait to read more of your blog.
The hike is not too bad if it is clear. I remember it being a little tougher when it had more snow on it. Definitely worth it to get to the summit, and the views on the way up are good, too.