Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007 Recap

Well, that was a very different Christmas!
  • We didn't go to the candlelight service because I couldn't bear to wake my son up at 10:00 p.m. First time I have missed it in years.

  • Said son woke up screaming at 3:15, and took half an hour to calm down. We don't know what gives with the kid.

  • He wakes up for good at 6:15, and *warning graphic* out of the blue vomits on me in such a way that I have to take a shower. So much for a sleepy Christmas morning together snuggling in bed.

  • Open presents and it turns out my husband has tricked me, in a good way. I ordered knitting books for myself on his behalf so I would get exactly what I wanted. Well, he has gone out and got me other gifts that are just right for me.

  • Person close to me has not spoken to me in months. Doesn't even send card or email for Christmas. HO HO HO.

  • We decide to go to the zoo. Here we are on the carousel. We also saw the big cats get fed.

Did I mention it was the San Francisco Zoo? Yeah, fortunately we left at 3:00. I totally freaked out when the news alert came on about the tiger attack. I go to the zoo at least once a week. Usually we see the giraffes fed at 4:00. Luckily Dad & Kid were too tired to stay, or we could have easily stretched the trip until 5:00. I couldn't stop thinking about the families of the victims and any witnesses, and the zoo employees who have to go back there.

All day I was joking that this would be remembered as "The Christmas I Got Puked On", instead it will be remembered in all seriousness as "The Christmas We Didn't Get Killed by a Tiger".

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Kristen said...

Oh my, that will be a Christmas to remember.
The Jul corks are adorable. Thanks for commenting!