Saturday, April 05, 2008

Swam Dive

I had to go to the first rehearsal of our troll play at a "sister's" house in the Haight. Parking there is hard, and I like to be "green", so I decided to take the streetcar. I put $1.50 in my pocket, closed the front gate and heard the train coming. I ran to catch it and all of a sudden I was lying in the street. I jumped up, gathering what change and dignity I could off the asphalt. I looked up and the driver hadn't opened the front door but he was still sitting there. I pressed the button, got on, set down my bag (turns out a felted bag is pretty sturdy) and dug for the rest of the change I needed.

I went to put it in the machine and see the "out of service" sign. My ride was free. Jackpot. Ignore fact that the driver, who I had had a short "Here. Thank you" conversation with just the day before, does not turn to make eye contact. Walked through the unusually crowed car without making eye contact, sit down, and surreptitiously assess the damage. Palms are not bleeding. Get out knitting to insure eye contact will not have to be made. Notice hole in jeans. Thank heavens I only buy Levis on sale, not $150.00 jeans. Hands shaking too much to knit. Pull out book of baby hats. Peek through hole to make sure I'm not bleeding profusely.

Get to my stop. Get up to the door and ignore two or three people staring. Saunter to the corner so as not to have to pass in front of driver. No luck, many people getting on. Try to limp nonchalantly.

The rehearsal was fun. I need to make a viking cloak and maybe shoes. Two items I've been needing for my costume anyway.

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