Monday, April 07, 2008


I got a nøstepinne from Norway and thought I would try my hand at winding this yarn into a ball.

A nøstepinne is a "stick" you use to wind a "nest" of yarn. I found these instructions, and you can buy nøstepinner from these people, too.

My first attempt was undone before I got too far in, it was just wrong. If a nøstepinne is a Norwegian ball-winder, then this child could be called a Norwegian-American ball un-winder.

The second attempt went a bit better after I fought and fought with the skein. Usually I have my husband hold the skein and I wind the yarn. Kind of old fashioned, feel like we should be in rocking chairs, but I'll take any quality time I can get. The skein always gets tangled, though, and this one was worse than usual. For one thing I was hanging it on a chair, plus I just don't have the hang of handling a skein.

Here is my first full attempt. It is worse than it seems. The "nest" is supposed to end up flat on the top and bottom, not round. I also lost the end inside, so when I rewound the ball I had to pull from the outside which was annoying.

The second attempt is somewhat better looking, at least it is flat one one side. And I was able to pull from the center without too much trouble when I gave it one last shot.

And this is my third and final attempt. It was actually the hardest to do, the yarn kept slipping to the bottom, but it is relatively flat on both sides and can be pulled from the center. My main problem is I get lazy and stop moving the pinne with my left hand while I wind with my right. I also think I'm not winding a long enough base at the start. I definitely enjoy winding the yarn this way and with some practice I should improve.


Kristen said...

One of my most hated tasks was winding balls, using the wrap-around-the-chair method. It inevitably tangled and took forever. I would avoid buying unwound yarn. A ball winder and swift have become precious possessions.

Janice said...

I think I need to invest in a swift. I really like the nostepinne, for the winding, though. I feel like I got to know the yarn.